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The Humming Community Project

Art in a Pandemic

There are many ways to cope in times of stress and uncertainty, and as innately social beings, we’re better at doing that together. While the current circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic restrict our communities from being together, there are still initiatives that can keep the spirit of togetherness alive.


I personally find great pleasure in seeing people connect to my artwork in person. There’s something that doesn’t translate through a picture or screen, the same way as it does when seeing my artwork in person. This project is a simple way that I, as an artist, can still get my physical work in front of people. 


"Hum" in the Community 

I’ve started a project within my community in the hopes of bringing people together through art and collective creativity. I’m offering copies of my hummingbird artwork and encouraging them to embellish it however they’d like. Whether it’s by adding colour, background, abstraction, or simply keeping it as is, the aim is to give people an outlet for expression and creativity in the home. Why the hummingbird? As a subject they are colourfully unique and sighting them brings delight. 

When we’re allowed to come together again, it’s my plan to display what dynamic creations can come from the same creative source.  

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